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Reproductive Consultation

The health and safety of your breeding female and her new litter, from insemination to birth to nursing and beyond, is an important aspect of our reproductive care at The Animal Clinic of Athens.

While natural insemination and birth are ideal, neither is always the norm; every animal and every pregnancy is unique. Consider working with a team of medical professionals trained and skilled in all aspects of your cat or dog’s reproductive health when the time comes to breed them for the first, or even the last time.

We offer many services at The Animal Clinic of Athens:

  • Full ER capabilities

  • Medical and surgical management of pyometra (canine and feline)

  • Pregnancy management (canine and feline)

  • During Breeding:

    • Soundness exams (canine and feline)

    • Ovulation timing in the canine

    • Semen analysis

    • Artificial Insemination

  • Medical and surgical management of dystocia (canine and feline)

  • Medical management of post-partum diseases in the bitch and queen

  • Medical management of the neonatal and pediatric care of the puppies and kittens

  • Post whelping management of bitch/queen and new litter:

  • PennHIP or OFA radiographs for hip dysplasia

  • Tail docking and dewclaw removal (when requested)

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